The Freelancing Formula - online course

This is my first online course that I've created.  The goal of this course was to basically create an end-to-end resource for musicians that want to build their freelancing career.  My first launch went really well (conversion rate was 1.18% for you online marketers that are interested).

Here's an overview of how I launch the course through my blog:

  1. Launched the "Five Day Gig Challenge" that challenged my 1,100 email subscribers to land a gig in five days.
  2. Hosted a webinar called "Three Career-changing Freelancing Lessons" where I introduced the course
  3. My sales funnel was about six days long covering the FAQ's, introducing case studies, and discussing who the course is right for.
  4. Closed the course on a Sunday night and I'm not in the process of working with the first class of students.

The course is currently closed and will be relaunched in the Spring of 2017.  

Blog redesign

Looks great, right?  ;-) 

Looks great, right?  ;-) 

I've never made a single design change to my blog, Musician's Guide to Hustling.

This isn't an urgent project, but I feel like it needs to be done in order for this site to get where I want it to go.

Eventually there will be a few courses offered through the site and I want this site to be more legit.

I've built a great following, helped musicians all over the world, and even launched a book through the site, but it's time to invest some time and energy into making it better.

Learning Chess

This is just for fun.

I've always been interested in learning chess so I've been playing everyday and read more about the game.

If you have a great resource, I'd love to hear about it.  :-)