PC:  Darvinder Singh Kochhar - Sorry I didn't really brush my hair that day.  

PC:  Darvinder Singh Kochhar - Sorry I didn't really brush my hair that day.  

Marketing specialist Seth Hanes is a private consultant who works with businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals in digital marketing and website development, bringing public attention to where it is deserved. 

Seth understands clearly that each person in an organization offers individual talent to make that group perform at its best. With clear branding of clients and the use of campaigns and interactive programs, Seth works to build social media publicity and a following around his clients that creates a steady flow of public interaction and recognition.

As a musician, Seth has an acute understanding of the mechanics of self-promotion. He willingly shares his expertise on his blog, The Musicians Guide to Hustling. He also speaks publicly on his techniques, having spoken most recently at Kutztown University and the Philadelphia International Music Festival in partnership with Project 440.  

Seth works with many groups and individuals, most notably the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra, the Pennsylvania Philharmonic, Camino Books Publishing, Rook House Publishing, and the internationally touring jazz group The Jost Project. He was formerly Marketing Manager of The Philly POPS and is proud to have been part of the team that grew the orchestra to unprecedented successes. He has also worked with Tempesta di Mare, Cubides Artist Management, The Conservatory of Musical Arts, Singer/Composer/Arranger Paul Jost, renowned vibraphonist Tony Miceli and Jane Norman. 

Originally from South Carolina, Seth first came to Philadelphia for his studies at Temple University where he earned his Batchelor’s degree in French Horn performance as a student of Jeff Lang and Denise Tryon of the Philadelphia Orchestra. A natural born leader, he is the founder, manager, and hornist for New City Brass. He has taught with Philadelphia Orchestra's School Partnership program, Tune Up Philly, Play on Philly! and The Conservatory of Musical Arts.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Seth enjoys reading lots of nonfiction books, learning the banjo, and spending time at the dog park with his dog who, coincidentally, is named Banjo

Some of my work...

Sales Director, Dream Clients and Land a Job You Love courses with Charlie Hoehn

After working with Charlie as a student of his, I had to opportunity to take over the position of Sales Director where I've done well over 50 hours of sales calls with people from all over the world.  These online programs are premium coaching programs where students learn how to leverage free work to land amazing jobs and clients.  It's a real pleasure to be apart of Charlie's team.


Break into the Scene is the book I wish I could have read when I was just getting started in music.  There are plenty of career books for musicians out there, but my goal was with this book is focus specifically on how to take the first steps in launching their career.  The book focuses on creating your own opportunities, how to authentically make connections with those around you, and other skills that are broken down into the most actionable pieces possible.  

Coming in the fall of 2016!

Blogger, The Musician's Guide to Hustling

When I was first getting started in my career as a musician, I found there to be an incredible lack of actionable advice available.  This blog was started in the spring of 2015 with the intention of just being a place to share what I had learned in building a career as a freelance musician.  Since publishing my first post, the blog has been read by tens of thousands musicians all across the world.  I kind of hate the term "blogger", but it's the only way I know how to describe this part of my life.